What Good is Free Traffic If It Isn't Driving Revenue?

  • 11+ years of professional SEO experience
  • Revenue-focused SEO strategies
  • SEO team training
  • Project-based contracts

SEO That Fits Your Marketing Strategy

Do you feel like your SEO strategy is disconnected from your larger marketing efforts? This is a common issue and something Celly Consulting can help fix.


If you already have leadership breathing down your neck for growth, why waste stress on SEO strategies that aren't driving revenue?

What Is Celly Consulting?

Celly Consulting provides search engine optimization strategies, training and consulting. Celly Consulting was founded by Joe Baugnet in 2018 as a side-project to help small businesses grow. 

Since 2018 Joe has single-handedly helped over 20 businesses develop scalable search strategies that drive traffic and improve revenue.