Websites are a key asset for many businesses, yet so many miss the mark on how they target their audiences. Celly Consulting has a multi-tiered content strategy that fuses persona and search data to create content that resonates with consumers.

Content Marketing

Data-Driven Persona Development

We leverage search, social, CRM, and website performance data to create targeted persona profiles. These profiles set the foundation for a robust content optimization calendar that finds consumers at the right place, at the right time.

Using Search Data to Better Target Personas

Knowing the qualities and traits of a persona is one battle, understanding how difficult it is to organically reach them is another. 

Celly Consulting leverages search data to better understand where your personas are searching and how hard it is going to be to reach them organically.

We have a multi-point system that takes keyword data and helps inform where you should be spending time, money, and effort on the customers that mean the most to your business.