Google & Bing SEO Services

Search engines have drastically changed over the past decade, and so should your SEO strategies. Celly Consulting offers B2B SEO services for both Google & Bing that focus on delivering on searcher expectations and driving qualified leads to your website.

Optimizing For Google Search

Here’s the reality, Google is now a pay-to-play environment. If you are not involved in PPC, chances are that your products and services are not getting the eyes they should on them. The good news is that >60% of results within a query are still organic listings and tend to best match what the searcher is looking for. 

Organic ROI stems from understanding the intent of the searcher, the results that Google is displaying for those queries, and how to best communicate relevancy and quality signals to the engine. Taking a mobile-first approach to Google optimizations is critical.

Celly Consulting takes a data and mobile-first approach to optimizing your website for Google’s search results. We focus on how technical, on-page, and off-page signals communicate with the search engine and track those signals over time. Using this data, Celly makes informed decisions on how to optimize your website and provides clarity on how to best reallocate your budget and save in the areas where you are most visible.

PPC Ensures Space, Not Relevance

Organic is Focused On Relevancy to Query